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Wildlife Activity at Sunderbans:

Sunderbans, located in West Bengal is the home of the ROYAL BENGAL Tigers the Pride and National Animal of Indian Country. Covering an area of around 10,000 Sq.Km this forest is home to many of the smallest to the biggest species of birds and special cats also. "A Must Visit Place for Wildlife" It's a marshland area covering miles of forests and is one of the most important place to be visited for wildlife since it involves the thrill of being on boats and enjoying wildlife through the boats.

Photography Opportunities:

  • Royal Bengal Tigers
  • Leopard cats/Fishing cats
  • Kingfishers(depending on the seasons)
  • Birds (other species depending on the seasons)
  • Reptiles(Crocs and Snakes)

Best Time to Visit the Park:

July to December: Neap tide time so best for sighting birds and animals.

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